“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”  - Walt Disney

For we do not write you anything you cannot read or understand.” - Apostle Paul, II Corinthians 1:13

There are 7,099 known languages. Fewer than 10% of those languages have a full Bible. More than 75% of the world does not have the New Testament.

Graphic, visual and animated explanations of the Holy Scriptures are a holy must for all people to be able to understand the Bible.

One of the missions of Kingstone is to build the largest Christian comics company and provide solid materials that kids, families, churches and Christian consumers can trust and enjoy. But beyond that, Kingstone also has an even deeper purpose—to explain the Bible in every language. The non-profit side of Kingstone is www.SuperBible.TV website and app where we make comics and animated comics available at no cost in global languages as an outreach tool. A lot of people who would never pick up a Bible (or understand a Bible) can pick up a graphic or visual version and begin to understand the Bible and its teachings.


Through a partnership with the world’s largest Bible translation agency, a partnership with the world’s largest tribal missionary group and partnerships with several other mission agencies we now have dozens, if not hundreds, of languages ready to translate and use a visual adaptation of the Bible. We make it very economical and easy for individuals, churches or agencies to help underwrite languages so we can give away the comics and animations in that language.


*This ministry is supported through our church, First Baptist Church of Leesburg, FL. Select "Super Bible" from the drop-down under "To".

Once a product is sponsored and translated it is then under a Creative Commons license and any group, agency, individual is welcome to use it in that language in print or digital in spreading the gospel and explaining the Scriptures. It is a very simple, but yet powerful tool. If interested in supporting this work with either a one time or monthly gift please join us in reaching millions of the next generation with God’s truth.