101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity

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"101 Questions about the Bible and Christianity" is the long awaited anthology from Kingstone Comics’ popular simplified apologetics comic book series This  comprehensive 784 page hard cover graphic novel takes a hard look at Biblical responses to questions such as

  • The Bible and dinosaurs?
  • Where Christ went after his death?
  • Who were the Nephilim?
  • How did we get the Bible?
  • Did a fish swallow man?
  • Are there levels of Hell?
  • Do all roads lead to Heaven?
  • Where did Cain get his wife?
  • How does God speak to us?
  • Did God commit genocide in the OT?
  • Animals and pets in Heaven?
  • Difference between body, soul and spirit?
  • Angels and demons?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • And many more!!

Rating: T+

Please note: The following comics are included in this product: 101 Questions Volumes 1 through 14, The Book of God, The Rapture, The Antichrist, The Kingdom, Eternals, Hell, and Easter.

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Customer Reviews

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Way over kids understanding. Vocabulary was just too much.

Excellent resource!

I bought one for each of my boys and enjoy reading it myself. An excellent resource for many challenging questions.

Great Works!!!

I'm very happy with the 101 questions and the three volume set of the Bible. It's much easier to get my 13 yr old son to read these and I found them enjoyable and informative also.

Kenneth Sachs

Awesome, thank you. Will be very useful for our youth group.

Queen Nash
101 questions about the Bible and Christianity

This is a powerful addition to my Kingstone Comics bibical set I have already purchased. It will help me educate my grandchildren about the Bible and help answer any questions they might have.