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I've gifted a set to all the grandchildren. They love the artwork and were all surprised by God's Word in story form! They're enthralled and I'm grateful they're all enjoying them.

Love these comics. Fun to read!

These books are great

I love this, the artwork and the way it's written and put together in timeline order.

Fast shipping Greek quality product ended up buying two more sets definitely worth the money

Fast shipping and amazing Bible comics

Great Series

My kids love them.

All Bible Comics Pack
Kenny Stephens
kingstone comics

great love it

The Christ 12-Volume Set
Chritopher Norton

Great lookin Products..


Experience Excellent! In every shipping & I have the collection, Excellent art work from the old testament. Happy 4th every one

Absolutely Love Them!

I’m amazing at the detail and graphics!! It makes it easier to understand.

Clinton Groves

My Sunday school class lives the Christian comics so far. It would really be great to have theses put on projector screen to teach my Sunday school children. I believe it would be very profitable for y'all and children thru adults study of the bible . Out history also, that schools leave out the true history. It would have to be accurate or it want fly on both the Bible and the American history. These two subjects is very much needed in our country, you can see why just look around you. Thank you.

our kids were so excited

We bought the whole set. Our kids 7-18 y ears old were so excited to read these. They are very graphic, so we gave our 7-year old daughter the books of Ezra, Rebecca, etc and the more disturbing images, like persecution of Christ and end of times to our 18-year old son.

The Beginning
Sky Roseberry
The Beginning

My eleven year old son has begun to know the Lord, learn from the Lord, know about the past, present, & future through these comics. Not only are they spreading the Word of God, they're encouraging children to really think about these stories we only see words to in the Bible. Praise God!


Great comics !! Of the Bible..

I have only read the first of the comics so far but i really enjoyed it. Great art, and from what i see so far i beleive that it should satisfy my desires.

All Bible Comics Pack

Me and my mom love reading these. I wasn't a comic book kid, but these are a good way to spend time on standby at work, or lunchtime.

Awesome for Kids Ministry

This are awesome comics. They look fabulous. Bought for Our SuperKids ministry. Will be getting more. Thank you.

Need my money back

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Came early and exactly as described:)

Great Artwork... well put together... Great for my children and grandchildren... Absolutely Love Them....

I love it!

Very nice, bold colors and does a great job of telling the story of the Bible

Such a super idea! Not only am I enjoying the volumes thoroughly, but this would be a great way to introduce young people and others who are not that familiar, to the Bible stories. The artwork is dynamic and engaging! Five stars!