Kingstone Bible Vol. 2: The Ten Commandments

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The Kingstone Bible Volume 2: The Ten Commandments covers the life of Moses, the Exodus, the time in the wilderness, the entering into the Promised Land, Samson and the time when the judges ruled Israel.

Volume 2 is the second in a set of six graphic novels that seeks to capture the epic greatness of God and the rich goodness of his gracious dealings with mankind.

Kingstone Comics places Scripture references at the bottom of the pages for direct references to the Bible, and we encourage all of our graphic novel readers to read the Bible story for themselves because God has much to teach us. 

300 pages

Rating: T+

NOTE: The content of this softcover volume is the same as that found in our hardcover volume 1 of the Kingstone Bible Trilogy and the individual Bible comics.

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Customer Reviews

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These are excellent trade paperback versions of the Bible. The artwork is amazing and takes the storytelling and lessons of the Bible to another level. Excellent quality, too.

Jesus Trevino
1 of the best purchases you will ever make.

Once you buy one copy, you will end up buying some for family and friends. Artwork and design will be hard to ever beat.