Kingstone Bible Vol. II Hardcover

Kingstone Bible Volume 2 is a comic book Bible and graphic novel adaptation of the Word of God. It is the second of three volumes, covering the time of history after King David until the birth of Jesus. 

This volume covers the time span of the kings of Israel, beginning with David's son Solomon and extending to the last king and the fall of Israel. The volume covers the exile of the Jews as told through these books of the Bible: Esther, Nehemiah, Ezra, and Daniel. 

The major prophets section opens with the prophet Isaiah (who provides many of the messianic prophecies that describe the coming of Jesus.) 

In the section of the minor prophets, Micah foretells where Jesus will be born. 

Every major and minor prophet in the Old Testament is covered in this volume of the comic book Bible (including the story of Jonah, whose famous fish story will be referenced by Jesus himself in explaining the process of his death and resurrection.) 

The final Intertestamental section tells of the rise of Greek culture and leads up to the coming of Jesus.

The Kingstone Bible Volume 2 is the story of God and His continual working with the nation of Israel approaching the birth of Jesus.

Kingstone Comics places Scripture references at the bottom of the pages for direct references to the Bible, and we encourage all of our graphic novel readers to read the Bible story for themselves because God has much to teach us.