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After refusing to go up and take the land as God has instructed, the Israelites wander in the desert for another 40 years, until all of the unbelieving generation have died. During this time, King Balak of Moab recognizes that God is with the Hebrews, and hires the prophet Balaam to curse the people, but God turns his curses into blessings. After 40 years of wanderings, a new generation of Israelites arrives on the borders of the Promised Land, ready to enter by faith.

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What People Are Saying About Kingstone Comics

I bought the full set of 3 Kingstone Bible for my 9 ½ year old son Jonas. They arrived at the beginning of March and he devoured them all in 3 weeks. It has fed a hunger he has to read the Word of God. And we are finding that he not only read it but remembers most of it to the fine details. Incredible!!

I am so happy I bought these biblical stories for my children but when I saw it my husband went crazy and took possession of them, going to buy more the following week, thanks for creating something so wonderful.

I may be 22 but I bought this for me. Not only will this help me read the Bible with my short attention span. But also feeds my nerd side of liking comics. I got all 3

These are awesome, and they are on point to the Word of God. I bought the entire bible from their site. The artist did a phenomenal job figuring out face expressions and actions of the people.

Jennifer W.
Cindy Talavera 
Austin Mead
Jackie Gomes