101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity

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"101 Questions about the Bible and Christianity" is the long awaited anthology from Kingstone Comics’ popular simplified apologetics comic book series This  comprehensive 784 page hard cover graphic novel takes a hard look at Biblical responses to questions such as

  • The Bible and dinosaurs?
  • Where Christ went after his death?
  • Who were the Nephilim?
  • How did we get the Bible?
  • Did a fish swallow man?
  • Are there levels of Hell?
  • Do all roads lead to Heaven?
  • Where did Cain get his wife?
  • How does God speak to us?
  • Did God commit genocide in the OT?
  • Animals and pets in Heaven?
  • Difference between body, soul and spirit?
  • Angels and demons?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • And many more!!

Rating: T+

Please note: The following comics are included in this product: 101 Questions Volumes 1 through 14, The Book of God, The Rapture, The Antichrist, The Kingdom, Eternals, Hell, and Easter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
David Lind
Even better than I hoped - bought 1 to keep & 6 to give away!

Wonderfully presented and true to the Bible - I love the Q&A format - I bought 1 and by page 290 I ordered 6 more! Huge book for the money and graphics are amazing as they use "dialogue" and Bible to clearly show the Truth. John 14:6 where Jesus says "... He is THE Truth., THE Way & THE Life."

Gena Long

This book is amazing, so colorful and interesting. It's worth every dime ...

Matthew Deputy
Truly Fantastic, I bought 2 copies

Beautifully made, Biblically accurate and fairly affordable, I bought 2 copies, 1 for myself and my personal collection and another as a gift for my Niece and Nephew.

James Thrush
Apologetics 101 (101Questions)

The same as all of Kingstone offerings the quality is exceptional, Although I understand that many doctrinally rigid Christians might complain about graphic novel depictions are not appropriate I personally believe they are out of touch with the reality of God’s word in this age and do not understand how the current younger generation needs full color imagery to fully appreciate and learn Faith.
This graphic book is a very scripturally accurate handbook for “apologetics” aimed toward GenZ (as of 2024 that is ages 12-27). While it covers a very broad expanse of questions commonly asked by most any doubting Christianity and the Bible - it isn’t extremely complete to answer fully because quite honestly that would require many volumes to do so.
However even with the basics answered it is extremely valuable to reach the age group intended and will certainly “plant that mustard seed of faith”
I highly recommend it if there is a GenZ in your life that needs to know God as well as recommended for youthful believers to reach out to their questioning peers.
It is a superior book for Apologetics !
I would recommend having the Kingstone graphic Bibles as a companion.
God bless Kingstone for its efforts to spread the gospel around the world.

Jonathon Booie
So many good questions!

This book is full of some great answers to so many questions about the Bible!! I recommend everyone read this graphic novel!!