Kingstone Bible Vol. I Hardcover (Third Edition)

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Kingstone Bible Volume 1 is a graphic novel adaptation of the Word of God. It is the first of three volumes. The first volume of the Kingstone Bible covers the time of history before the life of Jesus; many of these Old Testament stories foreshadow Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. In the Garden of Eden, an animal is killed, and the skin is used to cover over the sins of the first humans. (Jesus will later be an eternal sacrifice to cover over the sins of man.) God directs Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice but at the last moment provides another sacrifice. (With Jesus, He is the sacrifice that God gives on the cross.) Moses leads the people out of Egypt and directs them to cover the doorposts with blood so death will not reach them. (In Jesus, our lives are covered with His blood and eternal death does not reach us.) Moses tells of another great prophet, Jesus, who will come later to Israel.

The Kingstone Bible Volume 1 covers the time of history before Jesus but all leading up to the magnificent story of Jesus. In the first volume of this graphic novel series, we see the epic greatness of creation, the fall of man and the Tower of Babel. We see and learn of a great flood through the story of Noah and the Ark. We learn how God establishes the nation of Israel through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Moses leads the people of Israel through the Red Sea and to the Promised Land. There is the time of the judges of Israel as well as Ruth and Samuel. King David then rises to power and begins to lead the people of God and the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel is the chosen nation through which Jesus will come.

Volume 1 is the first in a trilogy of graphic novels that seeks to capture the epic greatness of God and the rich goodness of his gracious dealings with mankind.

Kingstone Comics places Scripture references at the bottom of the pages for direct references to the Bible, and we encourage all of our graphic novel readers to read the Bible story for themselves because God has much to teach us. 

Rating: T+

Please note that this edition's cover is different from the Second Edition.

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Customer Reviews

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Capri Rogers
Wow 😳 Mind blown 🤯

I’m a teenage girl with a learning disability and have been thinking about getting this series for a while now. I called Christian Books and had a product specialist compare it to The Action Bible as in regards to the depth of the stories. I was told that The Action Bible was better, but I’m glad I didn’t believe them. Plus, I had already ordered volume one, so I digress. I just got it today, and I’m so amazed. The depth of the stories is just awesome. I’m starting the section on Jacob and Esau, and I’m learning a lot. If you could have been listening outside my bedroom door a few hours ago, you would’ve heard me screaming at Jobs friends to “SHUT UP”!!! You know a book is good when you’re talking to it!!! However, I want to emphasize the fact that this Bible Trilogy is NOT for children under 13. I’m 16, and even I was shocked at the section on circumcision. Let’s just say it gets a little graphic, so I can forget about getting this series for my nephews 12th birthday!!! Lol 😂 But, I really like this series and am anxious to order volumes 2 and 3. It makes the Action Bible look like a Sunday School picnic, for lack of better terminology.

It's just Great!

These Comics are great! The best Bible comics out there! Got the hardcover for my nephew and he loves them. Takes it with him all over the place!

Absolutely Amazing & Accurate

Just wanted to say thank you for these books, I wish I had these as a child. I had illustrated bibles but nothing like this! I wish we could get these illustrated bibles in every sunday school and library.

God bless you and thank you for this amazing work of art recreated into an easy to see illustrated art piece. Your team took the bible and illustrated/portrayed it beautifully.

Jordan Wyatt
Excellent quality and packaging

One of the best purchases I have ever made, not only are they a Florida based Christian company, but anything exemplifying my love of The Lord is always worth more than any dollar amount. I cannot wait to complete the set.

Printing mistakes

All the Kingstone comic bible is true to the Word and the graphics are very good, my Vol 1 has duplicated pages 277 to 284 right after one another and then skips a whole section and jumps right to the Exodus. No signs of God after the flies, jumps straight to Pharoah letting Israel go. I believe there was possibly a section showing the last 5 plagues and then the Exodus. Either way, it was very frustrating after what I paid for 3 volumes.

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