Kingstone Bible Vol. III Hardcover

Kingstone Bible Volume 3 is a comic book Bible and graphic novel adaptation of the Word of God. This volume covers the birth of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels until the return of Jesus as told in the book of Revelation. It is the third and final volume in the Kingstone Bible series.  

Beginning with the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem and covering the entire life, death, and resurrection accounts from the New Testament, The Kingstone Bible Volume 3 is the most complete graphic novel adaptation of the life of Jesus that has ever been published.  

This volume of the series also illustrates the early days of the church as the followers of Jesus begin to tell about his life. Saul (Paul) is a persecutor of Jesus who encounters the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus and becomes one of the strongest proponents and missionaries of the Christian faith. The apostle Peter denies Jesus but becomes one of the biggest leaders of the church. 

The gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John record the life of Jesus as well as the teachings of Jesus. The book of Acts picks up with the ascension of Jesus and the growth of the early church. The New Testament books and epistles give more detail and explanation on the teachings of Jesus and how he wants his followers to live. The book of Revelation describes the climactic return of Jesus and setting up the kingdom of Jesus on earth.

The Kingstone Bible places Scripture references at the bottom of the pages for direct references to the Bible, and we encourage all of our graphic novel readers to read the Bible story for themselves because Jesus has much to teach us.