The Christ 12-Volume Set

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  • Volume 1 - "INCARNATIONChristian comic book that tells of the coming to earth of God in human form as Jesus The Christ. 36 pages
  • Volume 2 - "DELIVERER" The early years and ministry of Jesus Christ.
  • Volume 3 - "TEMPTATION" The baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist, the wilderness temptation, and the first miracle. 36 pages
  • Volume 4 - "THE DISCIPLES" Jesus meets the woman at the well, calling the first disciples, and many more miracles. 36 pages
  • Volume 5 - "THE DELIVERER" - the centurion, the widow from Nain and demons encountering Christ, and the beheading of John the Baptist. 36 pages
  • Volume 6 - "THE HEALERJesus Christ feeding 5000, walking on water and the Transfiguration. 36 pages
  • Volume 7 - "THE REDEEMER" The disciples argue about who is the greatest, Jesus heals a blind man, teaches about prayer and saves a woman caught in adultery. Addendum: "The Trial." 36 pages
  • Volume 8 - "THE SON OF MAN" The cursing of the fig tree, healing on the Sabbath, the Prodigal Son, the Rich Man and Lazarus, healing of a leper, the return of the Son of Man and the raising of Lazarus.  Addendum: “Come Forth." 36 pages
  • Volume 9 - "THE TEACHER" Jesus teaches on divorce and marriage, blesses the children, addresses a rich young ruler, talks about who is the greatest, heals Bartimaeus, eats with Zaccheus and enters Jerusalem.  Addendum: "UNSEEN." 36 pages
  • Volume 10 - "THE REDEEMER" (Passion Week 1) - Jesus curses the fig tree, gives the parable of the fig tree, turns the tables of the money changers, speaks with Nicodemus, gives the parable of the vineyard, describes his return, praises the widow's mite and gives the parable of the sheep and the goats. Addendum: "THE BETRAYER." 36 pages
  • Volume 11 - "THE LAMB OF GOD" (Passion Week 2) - The last supper, the Garden of the Gethsemane and the betrayal, arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 36 pages
  • Volume 12 - "THE RESURRECTION", the final volume in The Christ series, finishes telling of Jesus' sacrificial death, Judas hanging himself, the empty tomb, the reinstatement of Peter, the Great Commission and the Ascension of Christ. 36 pages

Please note that all 12 volumes are included in Volume 3 of the Kingstone Bible Trilogy and in the New Testament Comics Pack

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Customer Reviews

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Valerie Sawyer
Gave these as a gift

Grandson loves them

Jeff Musgray
Great work

Like the Bible books. Awesome work

Craig Glantz
Daughter loves your comics!

My daughter is 14 and loves your comics. She really started getting into Bible comics with the Adventure Bible. She wore that thin and I decided to try your comics. She loves them! Thank you!

Ernest Sanchez

Finally, the true hero is provided to children in a format that would be attractive to them and everyone wants to be like their hero!

Cody Boling
They are great

Good artwork and bible references at the bottom of each illustration