Kelly Ayris - Art Director

Kelly Ayris - Art Director

Artist: Kelly Ayris - Art Director

Primary: Supervise script and art continuity. Editorial.

About: Kelly was a seasoned television director and on-air talent before coming into comics.

1.What is your media background prior to joining the Kingstone team?

Primarily radio and television. I did all aspects from production to on-air and on-camera.

2.How were you able to transition from television to comics and what was it like?

I did both for quite a while so it was a gradual transition; however now that I’m full-time with Kingstone I’m able to give it my undivided attention as the company grows. It’s very rewarding to see a project come together, especially when it’s God-honoring material like The Kingstone Bible.

3.What duties fall to you under the title Art Director?

I coordinate the work of the pencil artist, inker, colorist, script writer and letterer by overseeing continuity, pacing, layout and overall story telling.

4.What is like working with veteran comic artists day in and day out?

These are professionals of the highest caliber so it’s really an honor and it’s been a great learning curve for me.

5.As someone who works with a lot of artists what is your advice to artists trying to break into the industry and have their work viewed?

Present samples of your work that fall into the genre of the publisher you are approaching. Be courteous. If your work does not fit their needs ask them what areas they would like to see improvement in and listen to their advice. Continually hone your skills. Attend seminars, Comic Cons and workshops. Join groups with other artists and network. When you do secure a job make sure you follow the script and meet the deadlines. The artists that I can rely on get more work than those who may have an even higher level of skill but are undependable. Most of all, don’t give up!