Justin Martyr

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The early apologist and martyr for the Christian church. When Justin was arrested for his faith in Rome in A.D. 165, the Roman prefect asked him to denounce his faith by making a sacrifice to the gods. Justin replied, “No one who is rightly minded turns from true belief to false.”

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Customer Reviews

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John C
A Great Gift

These comics are the perfect gift to help Christianity’s curious readers, who dislike reading, get their feet wet in early Church Fathers. Whether Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox :), this St Justin Marty comic is a great, short, educating, inspiring read!

As a studying Orthodox Iconographer having a degree in philosophy too; I cannot recommend how much we all need “holy-comics” in our lives! This comic makes me want dive deep into Justin Martyr’s life! Artistically too, they are inspiring, even if compositionally they could improve. Nothing that’ll blow your head off visually, but has indispensable philosophical and theological summaries! You should buy this! Great for children/adults and men/women alike; everyone loves comics!


Looks great


Praise The Lord!

Jean Klett
Graphic Novels Have Two Advantages Over Plain Text

No one is too old for illustrations! I am almost 70 years old, and I am very impressed by both the illustrations and the writing of this "comic book". The artwork and drawings have these two advantages:
1) They motivate me to read the text.
2) They help me to remember the text.

We are designed in such a way that -- the more of our five senses are used when learning something, the more we will remember. As one reads this book about Justin Martyr, one sees detail in facial expressions and clothing of Justin Martyr and people with whom he interacted. When I imagine reading only words about him, I see that my learning about Justin Martyr would not be as enjoyable -- or memorable!