The Awakening

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The Great Awakening, a dramatic spiritual revival, sweeps the colonies beginning in the 1730’s and a scientific revolution is taking place with people like Benjamin Franklin. The French and Indian War sets the stage for a revolution that will change the world.

36 Pages.

Rating: All Ages

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome comics by Kingstone!

Shannon Wheeler
I give this 5 stars

It is a great way for children and eventually for an adult to read the history on how God used them in history. It gives us a good picture. And more visuals! Keep up the good job! Very educational! Looking forward for more new ideas on comic books coming in near future!

Liam O' Connor

This is amazing I learned even more history that I didn't know about Benjamin Franklin and the beginning of American history I almost fell over when I saw Jonathan Edwards I screamed and yelled to my family member look our preacher who was born in the same state as us he's here they didn't forget about us as far as Connecticut unfortunately despite our Rich history in Connecticut it's often glazed over for areas like Boston that thrive on the tourist industry and more well-known bits of History I would absolutely love to see a comic book dealing with the Connecticut colony dealing with the witch trials and other tidbits of Connecticut history like Israel Putnam either as a standalone comic and or tie to the other current comics.
when's the first edition hardback book going to come out that's all I got to say! These comic books are so addicting I'm like a kid again rolling them up in my pocket and waving around every time a new issue comes in LOL!

Jeffrey Pendleton
Top-notch work

I have never been dissatisfied with any purchase from Kingstone Ministries. This latest book is exceptional and worth sharing with everyone who loves comic books.