Danny Bulanadi

Danny Bulanadi

Artist: Danny Bulanadi
Primary: Pencils and Inks

About: Danny was a veteran Marvel inker and has been with Kingstone for seven years so the greatest number of pages in the Kingstone Bible are under his art direction.

1. Danny, we know you have a long list of projects with Marvel in the past, what were some of the top projects you worked on with Marvel?

Basically, you can about name it. Fantastic Four, Captain America, King Conan, Incredible Hulk, Sub-Mariner, Spiderman, X-Men, Wolverine, but there were many others as well.

2. What has been the most rewarding story you have drawn for The Kingstone Bible?

Everything was rewarding because it’s God’s story. I think some of the best have been “Jonah,” “King David,” the creation scene in “The Beginning” with all the animals and “Samson,” especially the double-page spread of Samson pushing down the pillars that supported the temple.

3. What was the most difficult story for you to illustrate?

Any of the more modern-day ones. I’m more old-school.

4. How do you approach depicting characters who lived thousands of years ago?

(laugh) “Easy, I was there, I lived when Elijah did.” Since these were different cultures and times I primarily consult references for the costumes, etc., but then I apply my art to make them move and try to bring them to life.

5. What is your advice for artists wanting to break into comics?

Concentrate on what you really want to do. You must study to become a good illustrator. Spend more time drawing, working on movement and shading. Show your work to different publications. Follow their advice and, the biggest thing, accept correction.

Note – Danny was a student of legendary comic artist and fellow Filipino Nestor Redondo. Before he died, Nestor made Danny promise that he would also draw Bible characters. Danny did so and God has used his comic skill in remarkable ways.