Emily Kanalz

Emily Kanalz

Artist: Emily Kanalz

Primary: Colorist

About: Emily is a veteran colorist, working on projects with Malibu, Marvel, Disney and now Kingstone. Emily was the colorist for Kingstone on The Remaining graphic novel as well as Revelation and several other portions of the Kingstone Bible.

1. Tell us a little about your career in the comics industry?

I started at Malibu Comics after I graduated from college with a Fine Art degree. They were looking for colorists to start their digital coloring department. This was early in the days of digital coloring! Later, the company was purchased by Marvel Comics, and I worked there for a few more years. I had met and married my husband Hank Kanalz, who was an editor there at the time. When we started our family, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I also wanted to continue to color and express myself artistically. I have been a stay at home mom & freelance artist ever since. I feel so blessed that I can work from home coloring and still be available for my family

2.Is there any particular colorist that has been a big influence on you?

There is not any one particular colorist that has had a big influence on me but rather I appreciate all the different styles and techniques that all artists have. We express ourselves creatively in such different ways. And it is the uniqueness that I appreciate and influences me.

3. What was your thought when Kingstone approached you about working on a complete graphic Bible?

When Kingstone approached me, I felt completely honored and blessed. It was not just a job; it was being a part of something so much bigger with great importance of sharing God’s message. I love working on something so important to me.

4. Was there one particular story you liked working on more than any other?

I really enjoyed working on The Revelation. Since it is such a powerful and vivid story I was really able to play with color and lighting.

5. What advice would you give to people trying to break into the comics business?

As with anything, always pray first and God will open up the rights doors for you in His timing. Keep practicing. If it’s something you really want to do, don’t give up. Once you get work, stay in contact with your friends in the industry. An old friend and co-worker, Roland Mann, had given my name to Art Ayris and that is how I was introduced to Kingstone Comics. I have been coloring for them ever since!

Note – Emily is not the only comic artist in the family, her husband Hank is SVP at DC Comics. They live in southern California where they raise their three children and create great stories.